Development & Operations

Providing a modern business applications in the Cloud nowadays requires a tight relation between the development and operations activities. Dirigible by promoting the in-system development for a full-stack applications needs to cover the both phases with the necessary tools and backend frameworks.


The front-facing Web IDE component is a collection of plugins for project management, source code editing, modeling, SCM integration, database management and many more.

  • Workbench
  • Git
  • Search
  • Import
  • Preview
  • Editors - Orion, Ace, Monaco
  • Schema Modeler
  • Entity Data Modeler
  • BPMN Modeler


The functionality for import and export of projects or workspaces as well as cloning of a whole Dirigible instance, monitoring, document management, etc. are also integrated in the Web IDE component.

  • Database
  • Repository
  • Terminal
  • Clone
  • Logs