Git Integration

There is a Git connector for team development in the cloud toolkit. The goal is to provide a simple way to synchronize sources with the remote source control repository and to leave the more complex operations (e.g. merging) for external tools.

Available Commands

  • Clone - clones remote Git repository to the toolkit as a project.

Constraint: The remote Git repository must contain only one project.

  • Push - tries to push changes to the project’s remote repository.
    • If the changes are not conflicting with what is in the remote “origin/master” branch, the push is successful. After that, the project content is synchronized with the state in the remote “origin/master” branch.
    • If there are conflicts with the newly made changes, a new remote branch is created and changes are pushed in it. The remote branch name is “changes_branch_<dirigible’s username>”, for example, changes_branch_user1234.

Constraint: Merging of conflicting branches should be done via an external tool, e.g. “GitBash”, “eGit”, etc.

  • Pull - checks the remote changes from the “origin/master”. If there are conflicts, an error occurs.

Constraint: If there are conflicting changes during Pull, the recommendation is to first backup the project as a ZIP file, then to reset it and manually apply your changes again.

  • Reset - sets the local project to the latest state of the remote “origin/master” branch.

  • Share - shares the selected project to a remote repository.

All the commands are accessible from the project’s context menu.