Tthe Registry is the entry point for searching and browsing for service end-points, as well as for monitoring and administration at runtime. Technically, it is a space within the Repository where all the published artifacts are placed.

Registry Home

To access the user interface, you can point to the runtime context; the default one is “dirigible”.

http //[host]:[port]/dirigible


From the index page of the Registry, you can navigate to the corresponding sub-pages for browsing the raw content of the Repository, published user interfaces, documentation of the applications, lookup of the scripting services and the integration services endpoints.

Monitoring Tools

The last phase of the applications lifecycle includes administration and monitoring.

Via the Registry interface, you can navigate to the monitoring tools including:

  • Hit Count Statistics
  • Response Time Statistics
  • Memory Allocations
  • Log Traces

The URIs on which you want to collect information about the request parameters have to be registered in the Manage Access Locations section.