One of the biggest advantages of the Eclipse Dirigible project is its powerful design-time tooling. It claims to be Integrated Development Environment as a Service (IDEaaS). This means that the platform is complete enough to be able to cope with all developer needs. It enables the developers to build a cloud-based dynamic application only via a Web browser.

This sounds like a too ambitious statement, but Eclipse Dirigible meets this criteria as it is based on the greatest mass used IDE by on-premise developers - Eclipse and its very innovative project - RAP.

By default, the different views and editors are separated into a few perspectives:

Entity Service Test

  • Database Perspective - preferred for inspecting low-level raw content directly in the underlying database with the Database Browser and the SQL Console.

DB Table Definition

  • Repository Perspective - looks into the current state and the history of the repository content.

  • Registry Perspective - an integrated view to the published resources and the active service endpoints in the runtime containers.

Entity Service Registry