Eclipse Dirigible Samples

This section collects various applications created to demonstrate the main use purposes and strengths of the cloud toolkit. They are built on scenarios with different complexity level, from exemplary samples targeting demonstration of single features to complete end-to-end solutions.

Exemplary Samples

  • Data Model - provides detailed description of the supported data structure descriptors and the corresponding database artifacts.
  • Entity Service - creates a domain model object and generates a RESTful service on top.
  • Entity User Interface - generates pattern-based user interface on top of an entity service.
  • Mail Service - sends e-mails with only 5 lines of code.
  • REST Calls - demonstrates how to send REpresentational State Transfer calls to other services.
  • REST Call with Authorization Header - shows how to add Authorization Header for a REST call.
  • Routing by Parameter - provides more advanced topics concerning the integration of your application with external services. The first one shows the most simple integration service you can ever have - RESTful service with simple state-based implementation.
  • Shielding a JavaScript Service - the second one shows how to model your own Web service and expose it by connecting it to a JavaScript service as implementation.
  • Scheduling Job on JavaScript Service - the next sample shows how to schedule a job that triggers execution of a JavaScript service.
  • Using simple data storage - demonstrates how to put, get, clear, and delete binary content.
  • XML to JSON and vice-versa conversions
  • Configurations - a sample service demonstrating how to use Configuration Storage
  • Wiki Markup - how to us the wiki markup engines from your source code
  • File Upload - service for upload and store files
  • Multiple Datasources - how to retrieve and use custom datasource
  • Templating - use Velocity based syntax to generate pages from your application
  • Environment Variables - prints environment variables

API Samples

Solution Samples

  • BookStore - comprehensive example that can be used as a step-by-step tutorial for creation of an online-shop application. It combines most of the features above and shows them in a holistic manner - from data models, through entity services and user interfaces, to integration services and documentation.