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Threads utility is used to implement multi-threading algorithms - creating and starting own threads, synchronize functions, wait and notify of lock objects.

Basic Usage

var threads = require("core/v4/threads");
var response = require("http/v4/response");

response.setContentType("text/plain; charset=UTF-8");

// Define a JavaScript function
function runnable() {
    response.println("Hello World from a Thread!");

// Pass a JavaScript function
var worker = threads.create(runnable, "I am a thread");
worker.join(); // to be able to print to the response



Function Description Returns
create(runnable, name) Creates a new thread by a callback function and a name Thread
sleep(millis) Suspends the execution of the current thread -
current() Returns the current thread Thread
sync(f) Synchronize a function of an object synchronized function



Function Description Returns
start() Starts the thread -
interrupt() Interrupts the execution of a thread -
join() Waits this thread to die -
getId() Returns the ID of the thread long
getName() Returns the Name of the thread string
isAlive() Returns true if the thread is still alive boolean


Function Description Returns
wait(millis) Waits a given period of time until continuing the execution of the current thread or until another thread call notify of this object -
notify() Wakes up a single thread waiting for this object -
notifyAll() Wakes up all the threads waiting for this object -