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How Does Eclipse Dirigible Contribute to Eclipse Che 7?

Eclipse Che unites a wide range of different frameworks, programming languages, and development tools, and helps developers design and create next-level services on the Cloud. Eclipse Che provides you with a default Web IDE. However, Eclipse Che also allows you to plug in other IDEs, because the default IDE may...

You Don't Need Abs to Model Apps

Two of the coolest additions in version 3.x of Eclipse Dirigible are without a doubt the Entity Data Modeler (EDM) and the Business Process Modeler (BPM). They take the concept of model-driven architecture to the next level. What the “hack” does that mean, you’d probably say?

Node.js in Dirigible?

Node.js in Dirigible? Are you kidding?

Dirigible Landed in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

For third consecutive year, the User Assistance (UA) team of SAP Labs Bulgaria holds a Software Documentation course at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’. The number of participating students is growing rapidly and this year it has reached one hundred.

Running Dirigible on Che Workspaces

Eclipse Cloud Development - ONE team, ONE product

Dirigible - Extend, Embed, Reuse

The latest major upgrade of Dirigible to 3.x opens the door for scenarios like building custom stacks, standardized application CI, embedded Dirigible and many more …

Make Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Great Again!

Buy Application or Build Application

Kubernetes, Keycloak, PostgreSQL & Dirigible

This article is dedicated to the “production-ready” setup of Eclipse Dirigible in a Kubernetes cluster.

Dirigible Cloud IDE

Dirigible is a cloud runtime platform that comes with a neat, all-in-one, frustration-free package of devops productivity tools, including a brand new cloud IDE for in-system application development. This blog is a getting-to-know the new cloud IDE.

Eclipse Dirigible - Getting Started

This article was republished from Eclipse Newsletter, February 2018

3.x Series - A new era has begun!

Hello Dirigibles!

Server-Side Tests: Enabling Jasmine Test Results in Dirigible Console

In my previous blog I introduced Jasmine as a testing framework for server-side JavaScript. Here I will explore how to add the server console as another test results output channel.

Testing Server-Side JavaScript with Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular test framework that supports BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) with testing JavaScript code. It does not require DOM. And all that makes it a very good candidate for a test framework of choice for JavaScript Scripting Services in Dirigible. It is made available for you to use as...

Integration of Third-Party JavaScript Libraries in Dirigible

Integrating new test frameworks in Dirigible presented some challenges that I will explore in this blog. They can serve as a “watch-out list” in the process of integrating any third-party libraries in Dirigible in future.

Document Service Explorer at SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Wondering how you can easily manage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Document Service through the browser? Now this is possible with the help of Eclipse Dirigible and the CMIS Explorer application.

The Java-saurus

Have you met one? Are you one? Do you even know what this is?

How to Run Dirigible Anywhere - Microsoft Azure - Part II?

This blog is part of the “How to Run Dirigible Anywhere?” series. In this edition, we will see how to simplify the deployment process on Microsoft Azure.

Summer Practice in SAP

My name is Viktor and in the past two weeks, I took part in the Summer Student Practice in SAP Labs Bulgaria, which brought together IT students from different Bulgarian universities: Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Technical University – Sofia, University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” and others. Within two weeks...

How to Run Dirigible Anywhere - Microsoft Azure?

This blog is the first of series of blogs on the hot topic - “How to Run Dirigible Anywhere?”. Our first target to run Eclipse Dirigible on is Microsoft Azure.

Why Enterprise JavaScript?

Enterprise JavaScript - it sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? JavaScript evolved in the last years not only as “the language” for the browsers, but also as a server-side scripting language. There are already some implementations based on different underlying engines, which lead to different features sets. Let’s name a...

WebSockets and Equinox OSGi in a Servlet Container

How to use WebSockets, coming as a standard feature with the modern Servlet Containers (e.g. Tomcat 7.x) from within the embedded Equinox OSGi environment deployed as a WAR application archive? If you haven’t asked yourself such a question so far, just forget it and live in peace… But in case...

Understanding Dirigible

During the past couple of years Dirigible evolved from an RAP based Web IDE for simplification and adaptation of SOAP based Web services to a full fledged Dev Platform with its own yet unique to some extents architecture and features.

Develop from Mobile for Mobile

or what will be the next big breakthrough in the way native mobile applications are developed.

Developer - Repositories, repositories, repositories...

What exactly the term Repository means in the context of Dirigible? How it is related to my projects’ life-cycle management? Is there a benefit to have the whole content in a single place? What is the difference between the Local and Master Repositories, and when to use them?

BYODS (Bring Your Own Data Source) in Dirigible - Part III: MongoDB custom data source

Dirigible welcomes Mongo DB onboard! Starting with version 2.2 Mongo DB is supported out-of-the-box

BYODS (Bring Your Own Data Source) in Dirigible - Part II: Extending supported databases for custom data sources

Dirigible supports multiple database products by means of dialect adapters that can be used to extend the support to new ones

BYODS (Bring Your Own Data Source) in Dirigible - Part I: Custom Data Sources setup

Starting with version Dirigible 2.2 M3, it is possible to register multiple custom data sources alongside with the default, system one. This feature allows keeping Dirigible system data completely separate from application data. And now application developers can create applications that span across multiple data sources. Both of these bring...

Developer - Groovy is back

Groovy Dev Platform powered by Eclipse Dirigible is back!

Tutorial - How to install Dirigible on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

You can try HTML, CSS, Java Script, Java, and SQL without installing anything on your computer. Just start it in HCP (SAP Hana Cloud Platform) and access from anywhere and create your own project. It could be very useful for learners, or for teachers as an online educational tool for...

Developer - Remote debugging Dirigible source code

While a significant part of the Dirigible development can be conveniently supported by in-Eclipse debugging using the generated ‘dirigible-local’ OSGi Framework launch configuration, there is also a couple of use cases that cannot be implemented using this approach.

How the Orion editor is integrated in Dirigible

Why Orion? How the code-completion is achieved? How the Orion editor is integrated with RAP?

Tutorial - How to re-brand Dirigible workbench

Being a cloud platform provider or development tools provider company, most probably you would like to have your own logo and a name following your products naming convention instead of Dirigible’s ones. It is very easy following the Eclipse RAP Branding approach.

Tutorial - How to implement a plugin for SQL language support

How to implement a custom plugin for Dirigible, which brings custom execution engine for a custom development language? Hmmm … why at all you would need this?

Dirigible - Toolkit for Vertical Scenarios

What does vertical scenario mean? Why building applications covering such scenarios need special toolkit and why all these relates to Dirigible?

Dirigible enables dynamic in-memory Java runtime

In attempt to attract the 9 million happy Java developers to the Dirigible community, we have introduced Java as runtime language. Yes, finally we can run our Java code in the cloud the way we like it, with Dirigible.

Dirigible - Terminal Services

In response of the great interest related to Shellshock, Dirigible provided several possibilities to use low level OS commands.

Dirigible - To Replicate or Not To Replicate

The existential question, which only seems to offer two equal and yet feasible options.

Dirigible is the fast track to your HCP HANA DB instance

Just recently I was on site with a customer with the task to develop an HCP extension to their Successfactors subscription. The timelines were very tight and the team had zero experience with HCP and its related toolset and entry points.

Dirigible - Extensions vs Configurations

If somebody asks you just right now “What do you require most from your business software in general?”, what will pop up in your mind first?

Dirigible on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to develop end to end your next cloud application directly via the browser? What language should you use? What kind of other tools should you need for the database management, authorization definitions, testing, life-cycle management, monitoring…?

Start of Journey

The initial idea was to make use of the very promising Eclipse RAP technology in our development, related to Service Adaptation (part of SOA tools). The question was: - Can we build Web-based tooling for Web Services simplification (i.e. enterprise services in SAP language)? Started as a  POC and...