Applications Catalog

Sorted list of applications developed by our community

Apps by Purpose

Here you can find the core, extensions, and templates plugins that are used to enhance Eclipse Dirigible. You can experiment with or directly reuse a variety of samples, libraries, and end-to-end solutions.

Apps by Technology

Here you can find reusable libraries that contain different components related to the specified technology.

Applications Catalog

Applications Catalog is the place where the Eclipse Dirigible community can share, learn, and collaborate on the projects built with and run on the platform. The Applications Catalog is supposed to be not only a simple list, where the projects can be linked for download or import, but also a place where project owners can advertise their work.

To link your project in the Applications Catalog, you can make a pull request describing your project and including the following mandatory information:

  • Author - the GitHub user or GitHub organization.
  • Repository - a Git based source code repository.
  • License - preferred are the more permissive licenses e.g Apache v2, MPL, MIT. If you plan your project to become part of the core of Eclipse Dirigible, it is good to use EPL from the beginning.

For reference you can use core_api.

Only projects with a valid and well known open-source license will be approved. GPL, LGPL, and AGPL will be rejected as of now due to legal issues, which prevent such projects from being included in commercial products with closed source in the future.