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Eclipse Dirigible Samples

This section collects various applications created to demonstrate the main use purposes and strengths of the cloud toolkit. They are built on scenarios with different complexity level, from exemplary samples targeting demonstration of single features to complete end-to-end applications.


Simple Samples

Complex Samples

  • Scheduled Job - create a Job definition, which triggers a JavaScript handler service
  • Message Listener - create a Listener definition, which listens for events coming from a message queue and execute a JavaScript handler service
  • BPMN Process - create a BPMN Process definition, with a simple Service step, which triggers a JavaScript handler service
  • Bookstore Application - create a full-stack application for Books management - database, persistence, web service and user interface.
  • Embedded Dirigible - embed Dirigible into an arbitrary Java application with specific requirements for the architecture, infrastructure and lifecycle management e.g. SpringBoot, Jakarta EE, etc.
  • RBAC for CMS - how to enable the Role Based Access Management for the Content Management System
  • Master Repository - how to run an application from a Zip file
  • Shell Command - how to execute and arbitrary shell command
  • File Upload - how to upload a file from HTML frontend and process the content at the backend
  • Kafka Producer and Consumer - usage of Kafka client


  • Zeus on Kubernetes - installation and configuration of a Kubernetes Minikube cluster and Zeus deployment.
  • Build a Custom Stack - how to combine Dirigible modules with pure Java based ones and how to fine-tune the distribution for production.
  • Generate Application from Model - this tutorial will guide you through the creation of an entity data model and generation of a full-stack Dirigible application, from this model.
  • Contributing to IDE Modules - this tutorial will guide you through the adding of changes in the IDE projects.