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Platform Lifecycle


  1. Create a project platform-lifecycle.
  2. Then create a JavaScript service named platform-lifecycle.js.
  3. Within the service code, enter the following content:

    var response = require("http/v4/response");
    var user = require("security/v4/user");
    var workspace = require("workspace/v4/manager");
    var lifecycle = require("platform/v4/lifecycle");
    var bytes = require("io/v4/bytes");
    var user = user.getName();
    var workspaceName = "workspace";
    var projectName = "project";
    var myWorkspace = workspace.createWorkspace(workspaceName);
    var myProject = myWorkspace.createProject(projectName);
    var myFile = myProject.createFile("file.js");
    myFile.setContent(bytes.textToByteArray("console.log('Hello World!');"));
    var publishResult = lifecycle.publish(user, workspaceName, projectName);
    response.println("publishResult: " + publishResult);

For more information, see the API documentation.