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Contributing to IDE Modules

All IDE modules are located in the DirigibleLabs GitHub organization.


  • Make sure you have permissions to commit in DirigibleLabs.
  • PR are also accepted.
  1. Commit change to DirigibleLabs organization:

    • Go to DirigibleLabs and copy the url link to the IDE project you will add changes.
    • Start locally your dirigible (http://localhost:8080/).
    • Go to Git perspective and click on Clone Project button
    • Enter the URL of the IDE project and click Clone.
    • The project will appear under the git project list.
    • Go to Workspace perspective and make your changes, by using the right click on the project with Publish, apply the changes and test them locally.
    • After the changes are tested you can submit them.
    • Open the Git perspective again, click on the project and Stage the changed files, using the down arrow button Add to Index.
    • Enter Commit Message.
    • Enter your Username, Email, Password and click Commit and Push.
      • In case of two-factor authentication, for the Password field use your Personal Access Token (PAT).
    • Go in DirigibleLabs and check if your changes were committed.
  2. Commit change to Eclipse Dirigible repository:

    • Go in your local Eclipse Dirigible git repository.
    • Execute mvn clean install -P content for the ide module, that contains your changes.
    • Execute mvn clean install in the same module.
    • You should see your changes that you already committed in the DirigibleLabs project.
    • Commit and push only the changed files.

How to generate and get my personal access token