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Contributing to IDE Modules

All IDE modules are located in the DirigibleLabs GitHub organization. Sample repositories, used for showing how to create Eclipse Dirigible modules, starts with the sample- prefix.


  • Make sure you have permissions to commit in DirigibleLabs.
  • PR are also accepted.

Commit Change to DirigibleLabs Organization

  1. Go to DirigibleLabs and copy the url to the IDE project you will contribute to.

  2. Start Eclipse Dirigible.


    You can find more information on how to do that by following:

  3. Go to the Git perspective and click on Clone Project button.

    • Enter the URL of the IDE project and click Clone.
    • The project will appear under the git project list.
  4. Go to the Workspace perspective and make your changes.

    • To be 100% sure all changes are saved and applied, right click on the project and select Publish. Now you can test the changes locally.
    • After the changes are tested you can submit them.
  5. Open the Git perspective, click on the project and select the Stage tab.

    • Select the changed files and use the down arrow button to stage them.
    • Enter Commit Message.
    • Enter your Username, Email, Password and click Commit and Push.

    GitHub Personal Access Token (PAT)

    In case your profile has two-factor authentication, for the Password field use your GitHub Personal Access Token (PAT).

    • Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs.
    • Select all scopes.
    • Copy and save your token, because after you navigate off the page, you will not be able to see the token again.
    • Go to the IDE project github page and make sure your changes were committed.

Commit Change to Eclipse Dirigible Repository

  1. Fork the Eclipse Dirigible git repository into your account.

    • Pull the forked project locally.


    If you have done this before and now have to push new changes, make sure to checkout the master branch, fetch all changes from the original repository in GitHub and pull them locally.

    • Checkout to a new branch by giving it either a topic name or a name starting with fix- followed by the issue number.
  2. Execute mvn clean install -P content in the ide module root directory.

    • You can also execute this for the whole project but that will pull the changes from all modules.
    • Execute mvn clean install in the same module.
    • You should see your changes that you already committed in the DirigibleLabs project.
  3. Add, commit and push only the files that you have changed.

    • When committing, never forget to sign off you commit using the -s argument.
    • You can use the git status command, to see all changed files.
    • Create a PR to the master branch.