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Master Repository

This sample will guide you how to run an Eclipse Dirigible instance with a pre-defined content. This content is bundled in a Zip file with a specific Repository structure. You can easily get one by exporting the Repository from an existing instance via the Snapshot view (in the Repository perspective).

A sample content file with a single project with a single service you can find at:


  1. Copy the above zip file in a directory e.g. /home/dirigible/master_sample
  2. Download (or build and copy) to the same directory the standalone executable dirigible-desktop-all-XXX.jar
  3. Set the environment variables:


    export DIRIGIBLE_MASTER_REPOSITORY_ZIP_LOCATION=/home/dirigible/master_sample/

  4. Run with:

    java -jar dirigible-desktop-all-XXX.jar

  5. Enter with the nickname: dirigible

  6. You should have already available project "my_project" in your workspace, with a service "hello.js"
  7. The service is even published already, so you can directly execute it by accessing the location:


Note: This is the simplest way (from the life-cycle management PoV) to run an Eclipse Dirigible application.

For the master repository you can use a Zip file (as it is shown above), File System based Repository located by a Path to its root folder or a Jar file built into or accessible by the default class loader.