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BPMN Process


  1. Create a project bpmn_process_project
  2. Then create a JavaScript service named my_delegate.js with the following content:"Hello from the JavaScript Delegate!");

var process = require('bpm/v4/process');
var execution = process.getExecutionContext();
process.setVariable(execution.getId(), 'variable2', 'value2');
try {"variable1: " + process.getVariable(execution.getId(), 'variable1'));"variable2: " + process.getVariable(execution.getId(), 'variable2'));
} catch(e) {
  1. Then create a Business Process Model (via the New popup menu) named my_process.bpmn
  2. Double-click on this file to open the corresponding BPMN editor.
  3. There should be shown on the diagram a Start Event, connected to a MyServiceTask, connected to an End Event.
  4. Select the MyServiceTask.
  5. In the Properties section below the diagram, find the Class fields property and click on it.
  6. In the Class fields dialog find and click on the field handler.
  7. Change its value from myproject/mydelegate.js to bpmn_process_project/my_delegate.js and click save.
  8. Click on the Save button on the top-left corner of the editor with Name - MyProcess and Key - myprocess
  9. Publish the project
  10. Then create a JavaScript service named my_trigger.js which will be used to start the just defined process
  11. Enter the following code in it:
var process = require('bpm/v4/process');
process.start('myprocess', {"variable1": "value1"});
  1. Select the my_trigger.js file in the Workspace view to be able to trigger the invocation of this service via the Preview view
  2. In the Console view you should see the following lines:

    [2018-05-14T14:25:16.791Z] [DEBUG] Done starting a BPMN process by key: myprocess

    [2018-05-14T14:25:16.773Z] [INFO] variable2: value2

    [2018-05-14T14:25:16.772Z] [INFO] variable1: value1

    [2018-05-14T14:25:16.751Z] [INFO] Hello from the JavaScript Delegate!

    [2018-05-14T14:25:16.585Z] [DEBUG] Starting a BPMN process by key: myprocess

Note: the log messages in the Console view are in a reverse order - the newest are on top

For more information, see the API documentation.