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Zeus on Kubernetes with Windows OS

This tutorial was performed on a PC running Windows 10 Enterprise OS.


  • Have VirtualBox 5.2.12 platform packages installed
  • .NET Framework 4+ (the installation will attempt to install .NET 4.0 if you do not have it installed)
  • Enabled VT-x or AMD-v virtualization (use the Performance tab for the CPU in the Task Manager to verify it)

Install Kubernetes command-line tool

  • Install Chocolatey

  • Run the following command:

@"%SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"

If you don't see any errors, you are ready to use Chocolatey!

  • To ensure that Chocolatey is successfully installed, type choco or choco -?.

For more information see

  • Install the Kubernetes command-line tool kubectl with Chocolatey

  • Execute the command:

choco install kubernetes-cli

  • To verify that the version you’ve installed is up-to-date, run

kubectl version

  • Configure kubectl to use a remote Kubernetes cluster:

cd C:\users\yourusername (Or wherever your %HOME% directory is)
mkdir .kube cd .kube New-Item config -type file

  • Edit the config file with a text editor of your choice.

  • Check that kubectl is properly configured by getting the cluster state:

kubectl cluster-info

Install Minikube

  • Install Minikube v0.26.1

Download the minikube-installer.exe file, and execute the installer. This will automatically add minikube.exe to your path.

Additional Steps

Install Docker

  • Run CMD as Administrator

  • Navigate to Chocolatey root folder

  • Execute:

choco install docker

  • Confirm with y

Build the image

Build an image without uploading it:

  • Set the environment variables with

@FOR /f "tokens=*" %i IN ('minikube docker-env') DO @%i

  • Clone the Zeus packaging project using Git Bash by executing:

git clone

  • Build the image with the Docker daemon of Minikube:

cd zeus-v3-package/zeus

mvn clean install

docker build -t zeus .

  • Set the image in the pod spec like the build tag: zeus
  • Set the imagePullPolicy to Never, otherwise Kubernetes will try to download the image

Important note: You have to run eval $(minikube docker-env) on each terminal you want to use, since it only sets the environment variables for the current shell session.