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What is Dirigible?

Dirigible is a cloud development toolkit providing both development tools and runtime environment. It supports full development life-cycle of on-demand applications by leveraging in-system programming models and rapid application development techniques.

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What is it for?

Dirigible provides capabilities for end-to-end development process from database modeling and management, through RESTful services authoring using various dynamic languages, to pattern-based user interface generation, role based security, external services integration, testing, debugging, operations, and monitoring.

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Is it free?

All Dirigible source code and sample applications are licensed under Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 and maintained at GitHub.

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Dirigible - The Cloud Toolkit

Dirigible project came out of an internal SAP initiative to address the extension and adaptation use cases related to SOA and Enterprise Services. On one hand, in this project were implied the lessons learned from the standard tools and approaches so far. On the other hand, there were added features aligned with the most recent technologies and architectural patterns related to Web 2.0 and HTML5. This made it complete enough to be used as the only tool and environment needed for building and running on-demand application in the cloud.

Since 2015 Dirigible is an Eclipse Project part of Eclipse Cloud Development TLP.

Open and Free

Dirigble is based on a huge set of open source frameworks, such as Eclipse RAP, Rhino, jRuby*, Groovy*, Apache Camel*, CXF*, Velocity, Lucene, MyLyn, and many more. The source code of the project itself is also licensed under one of the most popular licenses approved by OSI - Eclipse Public License v1.0

Shortest Turnaround Time

The major benefit of the cloud toolkit is the shortest ever turnaround time, provided by leveraging the In-System Development Model and Cloud Environment. It aims at creating end-to-end on-demand applications, as well as integrating scalable and high-available extensions of existing on-premise applications.

Powerful Web IDE

The environment itself runs directly in a browser, therefore does not require additional downloads and installations. It has a rich set of editors, wizards and viewers, and also supports debugging, operations and monitoring.
To set up your own cloud instance with Dirigible, just follow the instructions at GitHub. It packs all the needed components, which makes it a self-contained and well-integrated software bundle that can be deployed on any Java-based Web server.

End-to-End Application Development

Target applications built with Dirigible are atomic, self-contained, cloud-based modules covering end-to-end vertical scenarios. This requires the tooling, the runtime engines and the services to provide a complete set of features for all the developer needs through the whole application life-cycle.