Data Structures

  • Creation of table model (JSON formatted *.table descriptor) and actual creation of the corresponding database table during publishing.
  • Creation of view model (JSON formatted *.view descriptor) and actual creation of the corresponding database view during publishing.
  • Creation of delimiter separated values (*.append, *.update, *.delete, *.replace) data files and populating the corresponding database table during publishing.
  • Automatic altering of existing tables from the models on compatible changes (new columns added).
  • Modelling of the database schema (*.dsm and *.schema) files and creation of the tables, views and constraints during publishing.

Scripting Services

  • Support of JavaScript language by using GraalJS as runtime execution engine (*.js)
  • Support of CommonJS based modularization of JavaScript services (*.js)
  • Support of strictly defined Enterprise API for JavaScript to be used by the business application developers


  • Support of client-side Web related artifacts, such as HTML, CSS, JS, pictures, etc.


  • Support of Markdown format for wiki pages

Integration Services

  • Support of Listeners for messages from the built-in message bus (*.listener)
  • Support of scheduled Jobs as triggers for backend services invokation (*.job)
  • Support of Business Processes defined in BPMN 2.0 and executed by the underlying process engine (*.bpmn)
  • Support of Shell Commands execution (*.command)
  • Support of OData 2.0 (*.odata)
  • Support of Websockets (*.websocket)

Mobile Applications

  • Support of a native Mobile Applications development via Tabris.js

Extension Definitions

  • Creation of extension points (JSON formatted descriptor - *.extensionpoint)
  • Creation of extensions by a given extension point (JSON formatted descriptor - *.extension)


  • Workbench perspective for full support of project management (New, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Refresh, Import, Export, etc.)
  • Database perspective for RDBMS management including SQL Console
  • Enhanced Code Editor with highlight support for JavaScript, HTML, JSON, XML, etc.
  • Preview for easy testing of changes in Web, Wiki, and Scripting Services
  • Configurable Log Viewer, which provides server-side logs and traces
  • Lots of template-based wizards for creating new content and services
  • Import and Export of project content
  • Document perspective for import of binary files for external documents and pictures
  • Repository perspective for low-level repository content management
  • Debug perspective for debugging backend JavaScript services
  • Terminal perspective with the corresponding main view for execution of shell commands on the target instance’s OS


  • Modeling of database schema (*.dsm and *.schema) files
  • Modeling of entity data model (*.edm and *.model) files
  • Modeling of BPMN process (*.bpmn) files
  • Modeling of form layout (*.form) files with Form Designer


  • Role based access management for web services as well as the document repository
  • Security Constraints Model (JSON formatted *.access) support
  • Several predefined roles, which can be used out-of-the-box (Everyone, Administrator, Manager, PowerUser, User, ReadWrite, ReadOnly)


  • Publishing support - exposing the artifacts from the user’s workspace publicly
  • Auto-Publishing support for better usability
  • User-Interface for browsing and searching within the published content
  • Separate lists of endpoints and viewers per type of services - JavaScript, Web, Wiki, etc.
  • Separate browse user interface for Web and Wiki content

Note: Features set listed above contains only the major part of what is available currently. For better insight what can be done with Dirigible we recommend to try it out.