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Multiple Platforms. One Experience

Choose one of the following ways to use Eclipse Dirigible

As a Tryout

  • No additional downloads and installations.
  • No need to deploy anything.
  • You get all the functionality.
  • One instance is shared between all the users.
  • You cannot manage this instance.
Try it out

On SAP HANA Cloud Platform

  • Use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform services.
  • Work in your own instance.
  • Have full control over this instance.
  • You get all the functionality.
  • You need an SAP HANA Cloud Platform account.
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On Tomcat Server

  • Works offline.
  • You get all the functionality.
  • You need to transfer your application to the cloud for the users to be able to find and use it.
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Using Docker

  • Uses less system resources.
  • You can have many docker images in a single instance.
  • Docker environment has to be set up in advance.
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As Eclipse Plug-In

  • Works offline.
  • You can use your favorite editors.
  • Lacks some capabilities, such as UI rendering.
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On Cloud Foundry

  • Easily manage your multiple Eclipse Dirigible instances.
  • Use large scale landscapes.
  • You need to set up Cloud Foundry infrastructure or to have an account on a public PaaS.
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