Eclipse Dirigible Basic Features

These are some of the features you benefit from


  • Enables you to model data structure artifacts in JSON format, and to create actual tables and views during activation/publishing.
  • Database perspective is full-fledged including Database Explorer view, SQL Console, meta-data inspectors, and more.
  • You can auto-generate mock-up data based on given table layout.
Database Management


  • Uses some of the most popular dynamic languages such as JavaScript, Groovy* and Ruby* for creating server-side services.
  • Establishes an Enterprise JavaScript API that can be used via the CommonJS modularization.
  • Generates fully compliant RESTful services, including meta-data support on existing database artifacts.
Scripting Services


  • Supports user interface generation for the RESTful services based on widely used frameworks, such as Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, and OpenUI5.
  • It provides WYSIWYG editor for both standard HTML5 and Bootstrap-based complex controls.
  • It supports wiki scripting via Confluence format.
User Interfaces


Provides a built-in process engine based on declarative definitions of integration and orchestration of business process flows.

Process Flows


Supports declarative definition of extension points and extensions in order to achieve:

  • Better adaptability
  • Better visibility of dependencies
  • Simplified life-cycle management


Provides an integration with Tabris.js mobile framework that allows you to develop native iOS and Android mobile applications, written entirely in JavaScript.

Mobile Apps

Built-in DevOps

Eclipse Dirigible provides the full end-to-end coverage of the development process from definition throughout development, testing, operations and monitoring. Its nature of being all-in-one instance, gives it the completeness in the sense that the tooling as well as the runtime services are in one and the same place. There is a clear path on how you model and develop your service, how to publish it, how to test it and afterwards how you can discover it, configure it as well as monitor it. The outlook is to add even additional features in the area of project management, collaboration and API management.