Dirigible Space for Developers

Everything you need for your development project.


Eclipse Dirigible provides full-fledged Web IDE with variety of Editors, Views, Wizards and Preference pages grouped in Perspectives - the same user experience that you are already familiar with.


App Server

Eclipse Dirigible integrates a collection of execution engines covering all the aspects of a modern cloud application - database models, scripting RESTful services, user interfaces, work-flows, scheduled jobs, security definitions, and even template engines.

Scripting Services

Content Repository

Projects artifacts, which are authored via the Web IDE and executed by the engines of the App Server at runtime, are stored in the Content Repository. This simplifies the life-cycle management, governance, scaling, and other mission critical aspects of the cloud applications built with Eclipse Dirigible.


Distributions Options

Component Desktop All Server All Server Runtime Server JavaScript Server Database Trial All SAP All
Debugging Support
Terminal via HTTP
Embedded Database
Database Management
Git Integration
Modeling Tools
JavaScript Support
Process Execution
Embedded Messaging
Role Based Access Control
Documents Explorer
Test Frameworks
Size of Distribution 89 MB 75 MB 61 MB 36 MB 30 MB 75 MB 73 MB

All the distributions produce artifacts in the Java Web Application Archive (WAR) format, which can be deployed on a regular Java Web Container such as Apache Tomcat.


Built-in DevOps

Eclipse Dirigible provides the full end-to-end coverage of the development process from definition throughout development, testing, operations and monitoring. Its nature of being all-in-one instance, gives it the completeness in the sense that the tooling as well as the runtime services are in one and the same place. There is a clear path on how you model and develop your service, how to publish it, how to test it and afterwards how you can discover it, configure it as well as monitor it. The outlook is to add even additional features in the area of project management, collaboration and API management.