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InnoWeek SAP Labs 2016

It is already a tradition the team(s) behind the Eclipse Dirigible located at SAP Labs Sofia to take part of the InnoWeek event. This year we were quite ambitious - we planned to build an end to end system for cloud development from Idea-to-Market. The modules we decided to be part of the initial built-in set of the plugins were:

  • Define
  • Ideas
  • Solutions
  • Projects
  • Develop
  • Code
  • Models
  • Issues
  • Tasks
  • Discover
  • Documents
  • Databases
  • Services
  • Sites
  • Wikis
  • Infrastructure
  • Clusters
  • Containers
  • Templates
  • Deployments
  • Identity and Access
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Assignments
  • Profile
  • Monitoring
  • Market

Thanks to the team's innovation spirit the "ZEUS" project was born. It combines the best from Kubernetes cloud management capabilities with the Dirigible rapid development techniques and contributes project management utilities. The sources of the ZEUS modules can be found as usual under DirigibleLabs on GitHub - ZEUS.


The demo by Martin and Assia was great and we took the prize of the jury.