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Fundamentals Conf 2022

Stan is a UI designer, software developer and system administrator at Quanterall, making use of various languages and UI toolkits. He has designed and developed software solutions for workstations, Kiosk systems, Internet of Things, Web and mobile. He has been a part of many open and closed source projects since the early 2010s. Personal interests include reading, music, vintage electronics, retro cars and restoration projects.


On Fundamentals Conf 2022 Stan came with a new revamped and modernized Eclipse Dirigible Web IDE, to level it up for enterprise users.

Why Fundamental Styles?

  • Developed by a trustworthy team
  • Theme support
  • Enterprise focused
  • Rich component library
  • Can be used with any UI framework

Renewed Components

  • Shell
  • Layout manager
  • MessageHub
  • Form Controls