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Release 2.5.160804-R

New version 2.5.160804-R released.


  • Enterprise JavaScript API
    • Built-in (console)
    • Core (assert, config, globals, context, env, threads)
    • Database (database)
    • IO (files, streams)
    • Net (soap, websocket)
    • HTTP (request, response, session, client, upload, user)
    • Services (exec, mail, messaging, indexing)
    • Utils (base64, digest, hex, uuid, xml, xss
  • Templates and Samples updates
  • Generation services for DataStructure, ScriptingService, WebContent and WebContent for Entity
  • Bugfixes and refactoring...



  • The full list of bug-fixes and enhancements can be found here.
  • The source code is available at GitHub repository here.
  • The instant trial is updated accordingly with the released version here.