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Release 5.9

New version 5.9 has been released.

Release is of Type A


  • Logs setup/configuration
  • Enhance page title in the 'Access' tab of the 'Documents'
  • Pluggable Javascript Module Source Provider
  • Switch the default theme to the light one
  • Cache repository resources by default
  • After successful import, refresh Workspace Explorer
  • Generate Helm charts as part of the release action
  • Enhance exists method to accept artefact type
  • Add more charts capabilities
  • Custom Dirigible Docker Image in Helm
  • Add support for Stored Procedures in Database Explorer
  • Add support for Functions in Database Explorer
  • Security OAuth API
  • Add Support for Stored Procedures in SQL View
  • Database Add Support for Stored Procedures API


  • Redundant ?refreshToken= appended to URL
  • Database - invalid encapsulating of entity name
  • Build fails with no space left on device
  • No enum constant org.eclipse.dirigible.database.sql.DataType.FLOAT
  • SAP CF Runtime only deployment is not working
  • Database Query results are limited to 100 records
  • Make Git Commit Repository Agnostic
  • Logout is not working
  • SAP CF & Kyma - keep the initial access path after authentication
  • No Column annotation found
  • Fails to initialize terminal server in windows environment
  • Busy page is stuck
  • PostgreSQL issues
  • PostgreSQL - Syntax error at or near "PRIMARY"
  • PostgreSQL - Multiple primary keys for table "activemq_acks" are not allowed
  • Minor fixes


  • 60K+ Users
  • 86K+ Sessions
  • 187 Countries
  • 426 Repositories in DirigibleLabs