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Release 5.0

New version 5.0 has been released.

Release is of Type B


  • Roles management for Documents Manager only distro
  • Managed Database for CMS only distro
  • Keep SQL Queries last state
  • File history support for Git Perspective
  • Execute a selected snippet in SQL View
  • Execute API v4
  • Lifecycle API v4
  • SOAP API v4
  • Websocket API v4
  • Websocket descriptor for server-side endpoints (*.websocket)
  • Close & Close All actions for editors
  • Unpublish project support


  • Configuration management enhancements
  • Remove alert, when changing perspectives
  • Delete of git project from the workspace fix
  • Debug not working in Docker container fix
  • Public access for Cloud Foundry distro fixes

  • Minor fixes


  • 52K+ Users
  • 74K+ Sessions
  • 183 Countries
  • 376 Repositories in DirigibleLabs