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Release 6.2

New version 6.2 has been released.

Release is of Type A


  • Add ability to customize the generated SQL for OData
  • Update Tomcat version
  • Replace status labels inside ide-problems with icons
  • Problems - Cause to be expanded on click
  • Problems - Location to be clickable
  • Add extension for ESM services
  • Introduce Artefact State Metadata
  • JSDoc comments in *d.ts files
  • Introduce corresponding types for the supported artefacts
  • Keycloak integration on trial
  • Adopt latest monaco version
  • Update acorn.js version in ide-monaco and specify ECMA version on parse
  • Add loading overview when loading or saving files
  • Format code automatically when save action is triggered
  • Enable css formatting in editor
  • DAO - create table in SystemDB
  • Update kubernetes version for Trial
  • CSVIM Synchronizer
  • Show modified lines in the editor
  • Make Monaco show the difference between commited and modified files in edit mode
  • Add option for creating a new csvim file
  • Hide technical implementation details
  • CLI package for test purposes
  • Eclipse Vert.x package to be provided
  • XSOdata files not loaded in Preview view
  • Implement GraalVM file system for ES6 modules resolution
  • Add Monaco editor support for ES6 modules
  • Add .d.ts files for each Dirigible JS API
  • Loading indicator
  • Safety closing connections opened from user code
  • XSK Web IDE and Runtime Hangs
  • Expose Git API
  • Fix the logs location in the Docker deployments
  • Incorrect Content Encoding header
  • User schema search for DB artefacts
  • Extension points for custom Publish handlers
  • Support for transaction handling in SQL Processor
  • Batch support for OData
  • Sorting with pagination and expand not working
  • ide-bpm does not have modules.json and could not be imported with the ESM syntax
  • Mail configuration provider
  • Improve ZIP Import REST API functionality
  • Option to publish/unpublish file selection
  • Make all editors take advantage of the new frame parameter functionality
  • OpenAPI descriptors collector service
  • Ordered Synchronizer
  • Disable cache by default, except for Runtime distributions

Documentation and Samples

  • Sample for *.changelog integration
  • Exec API
  • Database Perspective Perspective
  • Git API
  • Docker/Helm - Security Report
  • Overwrite images is not working


  • CSV path in CSVIM files should not contain the workspace name
  • Make 'workspace' the default workspace
  • CSVIM does not select the current workspace
  • Error handling and proper alerts
  • Alerts not working
  • Delete file to close editor tab
  • Not showing local or remote branches
  • Preview downloads files
  • .hdbtable indeces type in not taken into account
  • .hdbtable tableType is not taken into account
  • Console view not working locally in Safari
  • BPMN Modeller has to use older version of AngularJS
  • Can't close welcome screen
  • Cut operation in workbench is crashing the whole IDE
  • Monaco not formatting HTML correctly
  • Roles editor writes $$hashKey to json on save
  • ES6 Truffle File System has wrong handling of paths on windows
  • DAO - Insert into table fails
  • "command + x" is not executing all or selected sql statements
  • XML files are not formatted
  • Navigation to calculation view end up in SQL error
  • Multiple CWE-200 vulnerabilities
  • Errors about missing favicons
  • Disabled SCE causing a cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Incorrect property metadata
  • Replace var with let/const
  • Add d.ts files for ext-modules
  • Synonym target objects search now works only with a given schema
  • Some files don't have an 'Open' option on right click
  • Check internal dirigible reference dependency versions
  • Git facade is not included in the API JavaScript maven group
  • Parent stack objects not visible
  • Git - Default branch when cloning is expected to be "master", clone fails if it is "main"
  • OData for table synonyms doesn't work
  • Debugger is not working locally
  • Git - Unstaged files are tracked per push attempt, not per successful push
  • CSVIM Editor not opening csv files in the csv editor
  • Nested expand not working
  • Debugger - JS files debugging is weird
  • Configuration credentials logged
  • XSJS service NPE through Postman
  • Minor fixes


  • 69K+ Users
  • 99K+ Sessions
  • 188 Countries
  • 462 Repositories in DirigibleLabs



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