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HTTP Request

HTTP Request object provided to the scripting services implementation. It contains the headers and parameters coming as input from the HTTP call.

Basic Usage

import { request, response } from "sdk/http";

let method = request.getMethod();

response.println("[Method]: " + method);


Function Description Returns
isValid() Returns true if the current execution context is in a HTTP call boolean
getMethod() Returns the HTTP request method - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, TRACE string
getRemoteUser() Returns the user name performing the request string
getPathInfo() Returns the path info section of the URL string
getPathTranslated() Returns the translated path string
getHeader(name) Returns the value of the header by name, if any string
isUserInRole(role) Returns true if the user has the given role and false otherwise string
getAttribute(name) Returns the value of the attribute by name, if any string
getAuthType() Returns the authentication type string
getCookies() Returns all the cookies from the request array of HttpCookie
getAttributeNames() Returns the names of all the attribute array of string
getCharacterEncoding() Returns the character encoding string
getContentLength() Returns the content length string
getHeaders() Returns the array of headers array of HttpHeader
getContentType() Returns the content type string
getBytes() Returns the content as byte array array of bytes
getText() Returns the content as text string
getJSON() Returns a JSON object, after parsing the content as text Object
getParameter(name) Returns the value of the parameter by name, if any string
getHeaderNames() Returns the names of all the headers array of string
getParameterNames() Returns the names of all the parameters array of string
getParameterValues(name) Returns the values of the parameter by name array of string
getParameters() Returns the all the parameters - name and value pairs array of pair
getProtocol() Returns the protocol string
getScheme() Returns the scheme string
getContextPath() Returns the context path string
getServerName() Returns the server name string
getServerPort() Returns the server port int
getQueryString() Returns the query string string
getRemoteAddress() Returns the remote address string
getRemoteHost() Returns the remote host string
setAttribute(name,value) Sets the value of the attribute by name -
removeAttribute(name) Sets the value of the attribute by name -
getLocale() Returns the locale string string
getRequestURI() Returns the request URI string
isSecure() Whether the request goes via a secured channel boolean
getRequestURL() Returns the request URL string
getServicePath() Returns the service path string
getRemotePort() Returns the remote port string
getLocalName() Returns the local name string
getLocalAddress() Returns the local address string
getLocalPort() Returns the local port string


Property Description Type
name The HttpCookie name string
value The HttpCookie value string
comment The HttpCookie comment section string
maxAge The HttpCookie maximum age int
path The URI path to which the client should return the HttpCookie string
domain The domain name set to this HttpCookie string
secure Returns true if the client is sending HttpCookie only over a secure protocol string
version Returns the version of the protocol this cookie complies with 0
httpOnly The HttpCookie will not be exposed to the client-side scripting code if true boolean
Property Description Type
name The name of the header string
value The value of the header string