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CMIS object is used for access of the underlying Content Management System (CMS) with CMIS API.

Basic Usage

import { cmis } from "sdk/cms";
import { response } from "sdk/http";
import { streams } from "sdk/io";

let cmisSession = cmis.getSession();

let rootFolder = cmisSession.getRootFolder();

let children = rootFolder.getChildren();
response.println("Listing the children of the root folder:");
for (let i in children) {
    response.println("Object ID: " + children[i].getId());
    response.println("Object Name: " + children[i].getName());

const textFileName = "test.txt";
response.println("Creating a simple text file, " + textFileName);

const mimetype = "text/plain; charset=UTF-8";
let content = "This is some test content.";
let filename = textFileName;

let outputStream = streams.createByteArrayOutputStream();
let bytes = outputStream.getBytes();
let inputStream = streams.createByteArrayInputStream(bytes);

let contentStream = cmisSession.getObjectFactory().createContentStream(filename, bytes.length, mimetype, inputStream);

let properties = { "cmis:name": "", "cmis:objectTypeId": "" };
properties[cmis.OBJECT_TYPE_ID] = cmis.OBJECT_TYPE_DOCUMENT;
properties[cmis.NAME] = filename;
let newDocument;
try {
    newDocument = rootFolder.createDocument(properties, contentStream, cmis.VERSIONING_STATE_MAJOR);
} catch (e) {
    response.println("Error: " + e);
let documentId = newDocument?.getId();

response.println("Document ID: " + documentId);

children = rootFolder.getChildren();
response.println("Listing the children of the root folder again:");
for (let i in children) {
    response.println("Object ID: " + children[i].getId());
    response.println("Object Name: " + children[i].getName());
    response.println("Object Type: " + JSON.stringify(children[i].getType().getId().toString()));

// Get the contents of the file
let doc;
if (documentId !== undefined) {
    doc = cmisSession.getObject(documentId);
} else {
    response.println("No content");

contentStream = doc?.getContentStream(); // returns null if the document has no content
if (contentStream !== null) {
    content = contentStream.getStream().readText();
    response.println("Contents of " + filename + " are: " + content);
} else {
    response.println("No content.");

response.println("Deleting the newly created document");
if (newDocument) {



Function Description Returns
getSession() Returns the CMIS connection session to the CMS system Session
getAccessDefinitions(path, method) Returns array of CMIS access constraints for the specified path and method array of objects



Function Description Returns
getRepositoryInfo() Returns the information about the CMIS repository RepositoryInfo
getObjectFactory() Returns the ObjectFactory utility ObjectFactory
getRootFolder() Returns the root folder of this repository Folder
getObject() Returns a CMIS Object by name CmisObject
getObjectByPath() Returns a CMIS Object by path CmisObject


Function Description Returns
getId() Returns the ID of the CMIS repository string
getName() Returns the Name of the CMIS repository string


Function Description Returns
createContentStream() Returns a newly created ContentStream object ContentStream


Function Description Returns
getStream() Returns the InputStream of this ContentStream object streams.InputStream


Function Description Returns
getId() Returns the ID of this CmisObject string
getName() Returns the Name of this CmisObject string
getType() Returns the Type of this CmisObject string
delete() Deletes this CmisObject string
rename(newName) Renames this CmisObject -


Function Description Returns
getId() Returns the ID of this Folder string
getName() Returns the Name of this Folder string
getPath() Returns the Path of this Folder string
createFolder(properties) Creates a new folder under this Folder Folder
createDocument(properties, contentStream, versioningState) Creates a new document under this Folder Document
getChildren() Returns an array of CmisObject sub-elements of this Folder array of CmisObject
isRootFolder() Returns true if this Folder is a root folder and false otherwise boolean
getFolderParent() Returns the parent Folder of this Folder Folder
delete() Deletes this Folder string
rename(newName) Renames this Folder -


Function Description Returns
getId() Returns the ID of this Document string
getName() Returns the Name of this Document string
delete() Deletes this Document string
getContentStream() Returns the ContentStream representing the contents of this Document ContentStream
rename(newName) Renames this Document -



Constant Description Type
NAME Value is cmis:name string
OBJECT_ID Value is cmis:objectId string
OBJECT_TYPE_ID Value is cmis:objectTypeId string
BASE_TYPE_ID Value is cmis:baseTypeId string
CREATED_BY Value is cmis:createdBy string
CREATION_DATE Value is cmis:creationDate string
LAST_MODIFIED_BY Value is cmis:lastModifiedBy string
LAST_MODIFICATION_DATE Value is cmis:lastModificationDate string
CHANGE_TOKEN Value is mis:changeToken string


Constant Description Type
IS_IMMUTABLE Value is cmis:isImmutable string
IS_LATEST_VERSION Value is cmis:isLatestVersion string
IS_MAJOR_VERSION Value is cmis:isMajorVersion string
IS_LATEST_MAJOR_VERSION Value is cmis:isLatestMajorVersion string
VERSION_LABEL Value is cmis:versionLabel string
VERSION_SERIES_ID Value is ccmis:versionSeriesId string
IS_VERSION_SERIES_CHECKED_OUT Value is cmis:isVersionSeriesCheckedOut string
VERSION_SERIES_CHECKED_OUT_BY Value is cmis:versionSeriesCheckedOutBy string
VERSION_SERIES_CHECKED_OUT_ID Value is cmis:versionSeriesCheckedOutId string
CHECKIN_COMMENT Value is cmis:checkinComment string
CONTENT_STREAM_LENGTH Value is cmis:contentStreamLength string
CONTENT_STREAM_MIME_TYPE Value is cmis:contentStreamMimeType string
CONTENT_STREAM_FILE_NAME Value is cmis:contentStreamFileName string
CONTENT_STREAM_ID Value is cmis:contentStreamId string


Constant Description Type
PARENT_ID Value is cmis:parentId string
ALLOWED_CHILD_OBJECT_TYPE_IDS Value is cmis:allowedChildObjectTypeIds string
PATH Value is cmis:path string


Constant Description Type
SOURCE_ID Value is cmis:sourceId string
TARGET_ID Value is cmis:targetId string


Constant Description Type
POLICY_TEXT Value is cmis:policyText string

Versioning States

Constant Description Type
VERSIONING_STATE_NONE Value is none string
VERSIONING_STATE_MAJOR Value is major string
VERSIONING_STATE_MINOR Value is minor string
VERSIONING_STATE_CHECKEDOUT Value is checkedout string

Object Types

Constant Description Type
OBJECT_TYPE_DOCUMENT Value is cmis:document string
OBJECT_TYPE_FOLDER Value is cmis:folder string
OBJECT_TYPE_RELATIONSHIP Value is cmis:relationship string
OBJECT_TYPE_POLICY Value is cmis:policy string
OBJECT_TYPE_ITEM Value is cmis:item string
OBJECT_TYPE_SECONDARY Value is cmis:secondary string