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Problems module provides utility functions for managing and logging problems/issues in the Problems perspective

  • Module: platform/problems
  • Definition:
  • Source: /platform/problems.js
  • Status: stable
  • Group: platform

Basic Usage

import { problems } from "sdk/platform";
import { response } from "sdk/http";"/my-project/my-file", problems.ACTIVE, "line: 4", "row: 10", "", "Some problem / at line 4", "Expected end of line ;", "ProblemsModule", "my-file.mjs", "my-file.mjs");

let myProblems = problems.fetchAllProblems();




Function Description Returns
save(location, type, line, column, cause, expected, category, module, source, program) Save a problem
findProblem(id) Find a problem by given id string
fetchAllProblems() Fetch all problems string
fetchProblemsBatch(condition, limit) Fetch problems by batch string
deleteProblem(id) Delete problem by given id
deleteMultipleProblemsById(ids[]) Delete multiple problems by given list of ids string
clearAllProblems() Clear all problems
updateStatus(id, status) Update status of a problem - ACTIVE, SOLVED, IGNORED
updateStatusMultiple(ids[], status) Update status of multiple problems