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The MongoDB DAO simplified database access objects utility.

Basic Usage

import { dao } from "sdk/mongodb";
import { response } from "sdk/http";

//create a DAO from configuration
let customers = dao.create({
    table: "CUSTOMERS",
    properties: [{
        name: "id",
        column: "ID",
        type: "BIGINT",
        id: true
    }, {
        name: "orgName",
        column: "ORG_NAME",
        type: "VARCHAR",
        required: true
    }, {
        name: "employeesNumber",
        column: "ORG_EMP_NUM",
        type: "INTEGER",
        required: true
    }, {
        name: "orgDescription",
        column: "ORG_DESCR",
        type: "VARCHAR",
        required: false

//Create a new customer entity
let customerId = customers.insert({
    orgName: "ACME",
    employeesNumber: 1000

response.println("Id: " + customerId);

//List all customer entities
let customersList = customers.list();

//Get a particular customer entity by its id
let customer = customers.find(customerId);

//Update a customer entity property
customer.orgDescription = "ACME is a company";

//Delete a customer entity


Function Description Returns
create(oConfiguration, loggerName?) Creates new DAO instances from oConfiguraiton JS object, which can be either standard ORM definition or a standard dirigible table definition DAO



Function Description Returns
insert(entity) inserts array or entity and returns id (or ids of array of entities was supplied as input) any
list(oQuerySettings?) lists entities optionally constrained with the supplied query settings Array
find(id, expand?, select?) returns an entity by its id(if any), optionally expanding inline the associations defined in expand and optionally constraining the entitiy properties to those specified in select Object
update(entity) updates a persistent entity and returns for its dao chaining DAO
remove(?id) delete entity by id, or array of ids, or delete all (if not argument is provided). ---
count() returns the number of persisted entities Number