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The Eclipse Dirigible Project

Eclipse Dirigible is an open source project that provides Integrated Development Environment as a Service (IDEaaS), as well as integrated runtime execution engines.

The applications created with Eclipse Dirigible comply with the Dynamic Applications concept and structure.

The main project goal is to provide all required capabilities needed to develop and run end-to-end vertical applications in the cloud in the shortest time ever.

The environment itself runs directly in a browser, therefore does not require additional downloads and installations. It packs all the needed components, which makes it a self-contained and well-integrated software stack that can be deployed on any Java based Web server, such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc.

Eclipse Dirigible project came out of an internal SAP initiative to address the extension and adaptation use cases related to SOA and Enterprise Services. On one hand, in this project were implied the lessons learned from the standard tools and approaches so far. On the other hand, there were added features aligned with the most recent technologies and architectural patterns related to Web 2.0 and HTML5. This made it complete enough to be used as the only environment needed for building and running applications in the cloud.

From the beginning, the project follows the principles of Simplicity, Openness, Agility, Completeness, and Perfection, which provide a sustainable environment where maximum impact is achieved with minimal effort.

  • Features section describes in detail what is included in the project.
  • Concepts section gives you an overview about the internal and the chosen patterns.
  • Samples section shows you how to start and build your first dynamic Web application in seconds.