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Basic Usage

import { extensions } from "sdk/extensions";
import { response } from "sdk/http";

const mainmenu = [];
const menuExtensions = extensions.getExtensions("ide-menu");
for (let i = 0; i < menuExtensions.length; i++) {
    const extensionPath = menuExtensions[i];

    // To require CommonJS extension
    // const menuExtension = require(extensionPath);
    // const menu = menuExtension.getMenu();

    // Note: ECMA6 imports are always relative, thus providing the relative path to the project root folder.
    // In this sample it's assumed that the file is located at "my-project/myFolder/file.mjs"
    const { getMenu } = await import(`../../${extensionPath}`);
    const menu = getMenu();



Function Description Returns
getExtensionPoints() Returns an array of the extension points names array of string
getExtensions(extensionPoint) Returns an array of the extensions names for the specified extension point array of string