The Java-saurus

Have you met one? Are you one? Do you even know what this is?

A long, long time ago… in March at the EclipseCon 2016, Vladimir Pavlov from SAP talked about Eclipse Dirigible, and, here I will quote, “how the development of cloud applications and services with Eclipse Dirigible looks like in the eyes of a hard-core veteran Java guy.” If you are curious, you can see the slides here.


This is the first time people met the Java-saurus and started telling stories about it. Some say it is old, some say it is just old-fashioned, but if you ask us, the Java-saurus simply is too attached to its little Java-dinosaurs.

Eclipse Dirigible is a very open-minded platform, welcoming all developers, no matter how experienced they are and no matter what programming languages they use.

If you are a Java-saurus or know other Java dinosaurs that are willing to change the way they view the world, come on board of Eclipse Dirigible and enjoy the high-quality journey through the fields of JavaScript, a variety of RESTful services and widely used frameworks, and much much more.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and…


Disclaimer: Any similarity to real-life dinosaurs is purely coincidental.