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2020 - What a year for Eclipse Dirigible!

It has been a challenging, but in the same time an incredible year for Eclipse Dirigible in terms of progress, contribution and adoption.

2020 in numbers:

  • 12 releases from 4.2 to 5.6 with 1 major 5.0
  • 138 issues fixed
  • 11 blog posts
  • 10 new API - Content, Template Engine, Execute, Lifecycle, SOAP, Websocket, Kafka Consumer, Kafka Producer, MongoDB Client, MongoDB DAO
  • 11K+ users from 143 countries for 2020
  • 412 repositories in DirigibleLabs till date

Notable new features


  • Terminal replaced with xterm.js
  • Monaco (VSCode Editor) set as default editor
  • GraalVM engine introduced and set as default
  • Debug View replaced with Chrome Dev Tools
  • Git functionality re-architecture


Conferences & Social Media

Derivative work

Stay safe and healthy!

See you all in 2021! 🥳