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Dirigible now runs Material for MkDocs


Until recently, the Eclipse Dirigible website was powered by Jekyll. As part of a comprehensive update of the website's look-and-feel, we've switched entirely to Material for MkDocs. In addition, we added our favorite Dirigible gold into the website color pallette. We're quite excited by the result so we decided to sum everything up in this post. Read on for more details as well as a couple of before/after comparisons.

Main Site


Here's the old look of the Eclipse Dirigible website:

Main Site Before


And here's how it looks now:

Main Site After

Eclipse Dirigible Documentation


The old documentation (i.e., help) page represented a long table of contents:

Help Before


Currently, there's a landing page with a built-in search and tiles that give you hints when you hover over them:

Help After

Dirigiballs Everywhere

By now, you've probably noticed the habitual presence of meatball-looking creatures all over the site. Meet our out-of-this-world friends, the "dirigiballs". They have generously accepted our invitation to pose for a couple of photos for the site. We hope everyone has as much fun looking at them as we had during the shootout.

If you take a look at the rest of the Dirigible sites, you'll notice that the dirigiballs have invaded our whole landscape:

On a serious note, credit goes to unDraw for the great illustrations.