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Update to Java 21 and GraalJS 23.1.0

In the dynamic world of software development, staying up-to-date is key. Eclipse Dirigible, the popular open-source cloud development platform, has just taken a big leap by adopting Java 21 and GraalJS 23.1.0.

Java 21 - Empowering Developers:

Java 21 brings enhanced performance, security, and language features to Eclipse Dirigible, ensuring your projects run faster and more securely. You can explore the details in the Java 21 Release Notes.

GraalJS 23.1.0 - JavaScript Excellence:

GraalJS 23.1.0 boosts JavaScript execution speed and compatibility. It optimizes resource usage and supports polyglot programming. Dive into the specifics in the GraalJS 23.1.0 Changelog.

Eclipse Dirigible's adoption of these technologies promises faster, more secure, and efficient cloud development for contributors. Try it out and experience the enhanced capabilities! Stay tuned for more updates from this open-source platform.