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Debugger View

The Debugger view enables you to navigate the debugging of your code. You can:

  • Start
  • Pause
  • Restart
  • Proceed step by step

Debugger view

This view includes a few panes that are helpful during the debugging process. See below for more details.


When you're paused on a line of code, the Scope pane shows you what local and global variables are currently defined, along with the value of each variable. It also shows closure variables, when applicable. Double-click a variable value to edit it. When you're not paused on a line of code, the Scope pane is empty.

Scope pane of the Debugger view


The Breakpoints pane shows any line-of-code breakpoints you've added to your code. As the name suggests, you can use a line-of-code breakpoint when you've got a specific line of code that you want to pause on. As you can see in the Breakpoints pane, currently there are two breakpoints added: "Unnamed" at row 5 and "Unnamed" at row 8.

Breakpoint pane of the Debugger view

Debug Preview

This pane displays the result of executing the debugged file. The Debug Preview is similar in functionality to the Preview view.

Debug Preview pane of the Debugger view

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