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Scheduled Job - Database


This section shows how to create the database table for the Scheduled Job application.


Database Table

  1. Navigate to the Database Perspective.
  2. In the SQL View enter the following script:

    create table LOG_EVENTS (
        LOG_ID integer primary key auto_increment,
        LOG_SEVERITY varchar(16),
        LOG_MESSAGE varchar(120),
        LOG_TIMESTAMP timestamp
  3. Press the Run icon to execute the SQL script.

    Keyboard Shortcut

    Press Ctrl+X for Windows, Cmd+X for macOS to execute the SQL script.

    Note: You can execute all or part of the SQL scripts in the SQL View by making a selection and pressing the Run icon or the keyboard shortcut.

  4. Press the Refresh button to see the LOG_EVENTS table.


Table Content

  1. Right click on the LOG_EVENTS table and select Show Contents.
  2. The table data would be displayed in the Result View.
  3. As the table is empty, there should be no data:

    Table Content

Next Steps

Section Completed

After completing the steps in this tutorial, you would:

Continue to the Job Handler section to create a Job Handler, that would be executed by the Scheduled Job.

Note: The complete content of the Scheduled Job tutorial is available at: